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Marva Josie, “Did You Ever Love Someone” – 1964

Publisher: United Artists

Publication Year: 1964

Catalog Number: UA 786

Format: 7 inch, 45 RPM (promo copy)

A promo recording of the amazing Marva Josie. This 7 inch single, with a b-side titled “Birthday Fella”, was pressed and sent to radio DJs in hopes that airplay would generate enough public interest to warrant the production of a commercial single which, if sales were good, would lead to the recording of a full length album. Several promo recordings of Josie were created in the early 60s, though it appears none became popular enough to be commercially produced. This particular single is my favorite of her early recordings. While an LP of Marva, backed by Earl “Fatha” Hines and his orchestra, was eventually released in 1973 by the record label “Thimble”, it is surprising that she is not better recognized.

Most 45s from this era were created using cheaper materials, which adds noise during playback. They were also recorded at very “hot” levels in order to sound louder than the songs played before it. This was done in an attempt to catch people’s attention. The unfortunate side effect of these techniques is shrill distortion at high points in the song. This particular 45 does exhibit such defects, though it is actually considerably smoother compared to other Marva Josie transcriptions.


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