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“The Hex Massacre” and “Lucifer’s Curse” – circa 1977

Audio Oddities Sleeve - Hex Massacre [with] Lucifer's Curse (formerly "The Chosen")

Audio Oddities Sleeve - Hex Massacre (back) [with] Lucifer's Curse (formerly "The Chosen")

Hex Massacre - REEL

Publisher: United Producers Organization

Publication Year: circa 1977

Format: Reel-to-Reel, 7.5 ips

A reel-to-reel recording of a commercial for a horror film double feature. This reel was sent to local radio stations for on-air advertising. Two 1-minute spots and one 30-second spot were including for variety. “The Hex Massacre” is a Spanish film by director Narciso Ibáñez Serrador. It was originally called “Island of the Damned”, but has since been retitled as “Who Can Kill a Child?”.  The plot involves a population of children on an island who kill all of their elders. The film appeared a year earlier than Stephen King’s similar story, “Children of the Corn”. “Who Can Kill a Child?” was released on DVD in 2007 and is also available on Youtube. “The Chosen” was originally titled “Lucifer’s Curse”, and then again retitled as “Holocaust 2000 (Rain of Fire)”. The film was directed by Alberto De Martino and stars Kirk Douglas as Robert Caine, a wealthy business man who decides to build a nuclear power plant in the Middle East. Trouble ensues when Mr. Caine discovers that his son is the antichrist and is planning to use the nuclear plant to destroy the world.