The author of this website is a certified appraiser specializing in rare books, photographs, prints, ephemera, vintage formats of recorded audio, fine arts and decorative arts. If you have any questions or would like to know the value of an item from your collection please feel free to send me an inquiry.


2 responses to “Appraisals

  • Skip Montanaro

    I have four Audio-Scriptions discs (eight sides total) dated 12-27-35 with the title “The Other Americas”, apparently broadcast on WJZ. I’m not really concerned with making money on them. I’m more interested in seeing that they get to someone who can use or preserve them.

    Any interest? Know where I should look?


    Skip Montanaro

    • Audio Oddities

      Apologies for my delayed response. It looks like the recordings you have are possibly from a series produced by Edward Tomlinson. In many cases these transcription discs are the only existing evidence of such broadcasts. The subject matter of these particular discs is not necessarily hotly collected, but I do think a library, university, or similar institution would accept them as a donation. They would preserve them, make them available for public study, and allow you to take a small tax write-off for charitable contribution. Hope I was of some help. Thank you for your comment.


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